‘Myrtle’ Enjoys February Sunshine

‘Myrtle’ Enjoys February Sunshine

Sporting her spring flowers, painted by gallery artist J. Elias, ‘Myrtle’ basks in the sunshine of a 70-degree February day here in Muscaitne, Iowa.

Myrtle is our clothing mannequin on loan from our friends Melissa, Jeff and Hannah Osborne at Creations by Oz  just down the street from the gallery.

She is wearing a Tulip pencil skirt and Chianti Sunflower shirt.  Also in tow is her nice little tote bag printed with the Chianti Sunflower as well.

Our website now has for sale many products printed with art from Sunrise River Gallery artists.  Please browse around the online gallery to see what you like.

Let us know your thoughts and what we’re missing.  Much more art to be loaded to the site…stay tuned.